Join us for an interactive evening discussing targeted worming on Tuesday 12th September

Modern Targeted Worming
What you NEED to know…

During the evening we will discuss emerging resistance to wormers, what worm-egg-counts and tapeworm ELISAs actually tell us, how to perform them correctly, why expert interpretation is so important, and why they are the cornerstone to slowing down resistance and therefore protecting our horses’ health long-term. Sadly, we still see serious cases of worm-disease every year even in horses with very dedicated owners who believe they are worming safely, due to misunderstandings and misinterpreted worm egg counts. We are really passionate about educating horse-owners to prevent this from ever happening to any of you and hope you will join us for a light-hearted but educational evening.

Tuesday 12th September, 7.30PM
High Corner Inn, Linwood, BH24 3QY
Tickets FREE – email
to book your space.

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